EDGAR: choose a type of experimental design

Choose one of the designs below (please note the legal bit below the list of designs)

All these programmes are now in the new version, using Excel 2002. I've updated the links to point to the new EDGAR website (23/12/05); please let me know if any of them don't work.

One treatment factor:
Randomised complete blocks
Randomised complete blocks with unequal replication of treatments within blocks
Alpha design
Randomised incomplete blocks of unequal sizes
Completely randomised design with equal replication
Completely randomised design with unequal replication
Latin square

Two treatment factors:
Randomised complete blocks
Split plots: randomised complete block and main plots

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EDGAR is written by James Brown, John Innes Centre, Norwich, England

Comments welcome. I would particularly like to know what kind of research you do, if you found this programme useful and what changes or improvements would be helpful. I would be especially grateful for feedback on the new versions of the EDGAR programmes.

Last updated on 23rd December 2005